Managing your diabetes can seem overwhelming at times. While your physician sets up the treatment plan, it's you who must make important decisions about diet, exercise, and at times, insulin dosing.

There's a lot to learn and new skills to develop – it's almost like learning to live your life all over again. And unfortunately a couple of brochures aren't enough to give you the tools to do it well. You need a full, supportive program. That's why the ABC Diabetes Education Program was created – to help you learn to manage your diabetes confidently so you can feel better now and into the future. And significant research proves it can help.

More than 1,500 physicians in the Philadelphia metro area alone already refer to the ABC Program and it is covered by most insurance plans. So don't wait. Call ABC today.

*The benefits of nutrition counseling and diabetes education are so significant that Medicare and many other insurance plans have waived ALL patient responsibility (no co-pay/no deductibles), covering 100% of the cost of your program. Our Patient Care Coordinators will verify your benefits prior to attending the program to find the right service for you.