“As your physician, I want you to understand that diabetes is serious, and requires life-long modifications to your daily self-care routines. I consider the Diabetes Program educator a crucial member of your health care team, and I look to them to help you gain the knowledge and skills you will need to “own” your diabetes.”

Now that you were referred, what you should expect…

Once your doctor sends a referral form to us with your information, our staff will contact you to get a better understanding of your learning needs. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with diabetes for a while, our patient care coordinators can help navigate you to the right educational setting, so you can gain the right knowledge at the right time. Our staff will enroll you in a program, verify your insurance benefits, and answer any questions or concerns you may have about attending the program. 

Before your program begins…

Prior to your first class session, one of our diabetes educators will contact you to gather more specific and pertinent information about your life with diabetes. From medications, to eating and exercise habits, to life stressors and your personal support system, we want to identify how we can best tailor your education program to your specific wants and needs.

Diabetes Education

Most of our patients are enrolled in group education classes that occur weekly for 3 weeks. Concepts introduced in the first session are elaborated and built upon in the following weeks to reinforce and explain the necessary skills to manage your diabetes. A family member or other support person is encouraged to accompany you to class and learn along with you. At the end of the third session, each participant sets personalized goals based on the concepts learned, and are encouraged to share them with their primary care provider for added support and follow-up.

Tools and Resources

Our program continues to help and support patients well-beyond the classroom. Attendees are provided with printed materials, a toll-free number to reach a diabetes educator with questions, an online community, and a resource portal with dedicated social channels.

Improved Habits and a More Healthful Life

Diabetes Education classes give you an in-depth understanding of how to control your diabetes day-to-day. Learning how to improve your behaviors around nutrition, exercise, blood sugar monitoring and medications will help you prevent complications, while living a better, healthful life now, and in the future. 

Program Follow-up and Advanced Learning Opportunities 

After completion of your initial diabetes education program, our educators will contact you in 3 months to touch base and determine if you need any further education or support to incorporate the concepts and skills learned in class into your daily life. At this time, your educator will review the personalized goals you set for yourself at the end of your weekly program, and help revise them or set new ones based on your progress in managing your diabetes.

Increasing Utilization of Diabetes Education

Our comprehensive guide details everything that goes into a successful, impactful Diabetes Education program. We cover a broad range of topics that includes how Diabetes Education programs improve outcomes, an ideal program model, how and where diabetes educators play a role, actionable next steps for processes and ideas, and much more.
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Today’s diabetes epidemic demands action. But where do you start? How can you provide cost-neutral education and continuing care? The answer is much closer than you might think. Our partnership model enables you to implement an ADA-recognized program in as little as 60-days. Using reimbursements, we can do this at no cost to the patient or health system. Exploring our program begins with an introductory call… Schedule yours today!