Better diabetes tools and resources at your fingertips. Results that speak for themselves.

ABC provides industry-leading tools, resources and best-practices that help you improve outcomes. Our diabetes education programs are shown to consistently reduce A1C by as much as 1.1%. From scheduling, to the classroom, ABC handles every aspect of education post-referral. Our digital tools and resources will help to improve results and increase DSME utilization.

Increasing Utilization of Diabetes Education

Our comprehensive guide details everything that goes into a successful, impactful Diabetes Education program. We cover a broad range of topics that includes how Diabetes Education programs improve outcomes, an ideal program model, how and where diabetes educators play a role, actionable next steps for processes and ideas, and much more.
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“After graduating from the ABC Diabetes program, I am, frankly, a new and better human being. I thought it was too late for some class to make a difference. Boy was I wrong! I have not had a blood sugar reading over 100 since I can remember! I have not gained any weight back and continue to exercise regularly. I am eternally grateful for the program that filled me with information and inspiration when I really needed it and got my A1C from 9.8 to 5.2.”
– Douglas A., Sellersville, PA

World class resources drive better outcomes

Every ABC Diabetes program includes:

Referral management (EHR integration, point-of-care tools)
Assistance in care coordination of diabetes registry
Patient engagement and program enrollment processes
Close-the-loop reporting of referrals, outcomes and patient engagement
Support to help you meet your quality metrics for diabetes
Help in attaining quality incentives and Pay-for-Performance models
Fully staffed Call Center for easy contact regarding patient status
Marketing and patient education collateral pieces for conversation starting
Available resources to help manage your diabetes patient base
Patient satisfaction statistics and testimonials

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Our program managers are here to help you understand how and where we can help! ABC programs can be launched in as little as 60-days and are completely cost-neutral.